Celtic Cross

Here is a celtic cross project based on a gravestone I saw in New Hampshire.

A celtic cross is a latin cross with a circle superimposed where the beams intersect. Frequently, it also contains knotwork decorations on the cross and/or the circle.

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Photos of celtic cross gravestones have moved to a new page.

A gravestone in New Hampshire inspired this project. The details on the JPEG image of the gravestone are hard to see, but I used the same basic pattern in my drawing. I made a few modifications.

I started by drawing it on plain paper using Iain Bain's knotwork techniques (which I've described on my knotwork page).

After I drew the image in pencil, I inked it with a technical pen and scanned it in to my Mac. I colored it with software and converted it to Web-friendly file formats and resolutions.

Phil Wright's site has lots of interesting pictures, including some celtic crosses. The Celtic High Crosses page at UNC is very good. Be sure to check out the map of Ireland with cross locations.


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