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Two-word review Title, author / Description
celt classic Celtic Myths and Legends, by T.W. Rolleston © 1917.
Mr. Rolleston does not tell the stories of the ancient Celts; rather he tells about them. The stories are presented in capsulized form. He shows each story's importance relative to the Celtic culture as a whole.
well done Celtic Fairy Tales, by Joseph Jacobs © 1994.
This is sort of a Grimm's Fairy Tales for Celtic countries.
solid reference Dictionary of Celtic Mythology, by Peter Berresford Ellis © 1992.
This book's strength is that you can look up any reference to a Celtic place or person and get a concise description.
solid reference Myth, Legend, and Romance: An Encyclopedia of the Irish Folk Tradition, by Dr. Daithi O hOgain (No, this is not a typo. This is how his name is spelled on the book cover.) © 1991.
The entries in this tome are somewhat less concise -- but much more informative -- than those in the Dictionary of Celtic Mythology.


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