Minimalist Usage

In case it's not obvious, here is how to use this stuff.

The default page returns the blog entries in the current volume. Old volumes can be found by clicking "Minimal Vault". or by adding ?volID=X to the end of the minimalist blog URL (where X is the number of the volume entry you seek).

The minimal search is a substring match on entry text, including URLs within hyperlinks. If an entry matches your search but does not appear in the text of the entry, it's probably part of the hyperlink.

Each post has one or more tags. Clicking the tag after the entry takes you to Technorati's list of posts (from blogs all over the Web) with that tag. Clicking the name of the tag in the Top 10 list on the left will show Minimalist Weblog entries with that tag. Or, you could add ?tag=foo to the end of the minimalist blog URL (where foo is the tag you want). You can search for more than one tag at a time by separating the tags you seek with plus signs (+).

The Minimalist XML button takes you to an XML feed for the current Minimalist Blog entries, suitable for use in your RSS reader.

The Old School Minimalist Blog renders your page in the classic format. Some features are not available in this mode.


  • search tags as well as text
  • fix bug where tags with +'s in them don't get found when searching by tag
  • make rss feed apply only to the current tag, if one is selected

Suggestions? Send them to blogboy (at) thinkythings (dot) org.

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