Electronic doodles!

Some started life as regular doodles that got scanned in and touched up. Others started out in silico.

A sophistocated doodle indeed.
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To tile the plane with owls is, of course, an act of utter folly.
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Castle Fence
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At MacWorld Expo '97 in Boston, the keynote addresses were held in an old armory, called "The Castle". On the outside, it looked like a small castle. On the inside, it looked like a big, dark room. Around the top of the auditorium, there was a narrow walkway with a wrought iron fence. I copied down the intricate pattern of the fence.

Here is an annular (ring-like) key pattern (squared spiral),
colored red.
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Same pattern, only rainbow-colored.
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Cathedral Floor

A pattern suitable for background tiling.

Here is a maze I made all by myself.
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