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picture of a bike Some things are odder than others. Here are some things. You can judge for yourself how odd you think they are.

The Woodpecker Toothpick Holder

I came into possession of a toothpick holder in the shape of a woodpecker from the 1940s. Here's what I found out about it.


Foamhenge is a scale model of Stonehenge built out of packing foam.

In the process of building my model, I accidentally learned a lot about megaliths, archaeology, and history. For instance, did you know that a "henge" is a large, circular ditch surrounded by an earthen wall? The standing stones of Stonehenge are surrounded by a henge...hence the name. Also, there is an ancient site in New Hampshire known as America's Stonehenge that is nothing like the original.


The verbnames file is the result of a challenge issued by my friend, Rick. He was looking for first names that were also verbs. I enlisted the aid of many friends, and we came up with about 90.

The Blocks

The blocklist is a record of all the phrases we were able to assemble from a set of alphabet blocks.

Gary, a fellow I worked with, had some alphabet blocks which he would occasionally use to spell out messages. Eventually, we expanded this practice into creating entire sentences or phrases out of the blocks. The challenge was to use all (or almost all) 15 blocks to make a coherent message.

Here is the in all its glory, including the original introductory text written by Gary. Beware! The blocklist is rated R for graphic language!


I've created a number of electronic doodles, or e-Doodles. Some were done on paper, then scanned in and modified. Others began life in silico -- they were computerized from the very beginning. Check 'em out!

Not only will you slip and fall, but your limbs and digits will also elongate! I saw this sign near Washington, DC.

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